Singapore Flying Creature

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Nearly surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia, the city-state of Singapore now appears like a large city, but it was not always so. About half a century ago, a small boy took a walk in a “forested area” that is probably now part of the city of Singapore. He saw two flying creatures that he later […]

Recommended Pterosaur Sites

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The following are at least somewhat popular and at least above average in quality. Of course they are all friendly to the concept that some species of pterosaurs may still be living on this planet. Pterosaur Is it really meaningless to the credibility of standard models whether or not all species of pterosaurs are extinct? […]

Pterosaur Book About to be Published

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The second edition of a nonfiction book on pterosaurs, Live Pterosaurs in America, is nearing completion, probably becoming available on Amazon in November, 2010. Several additions to this cryptozoology book make this revised edition more valuable. Sighting in Cuba Although the Guantanamo Bay military station in Cuba is not part of the United States, the 1971 sighting […]

Creation Research Society Quarterly - cover

Scientific paper on living pterosaurs

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The peer-reviewed Creation Research Society Quarterly (CRSQ), Volume 45, Number 3, contains the article “Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific,” by Jonathan D. Whitcomb. Included was the eyewitness account of the Umboi Island native Gideon Koro, interviewed in 2004 by Whitcomb: “In about 1994, at Lake Pung, Umboi, and in daylight, seven boys, […]

Marfa Lights of Texas

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I recently interviewed a man who observed several strange lights near Marfa, Texas. Driving across the country, two days earlier, Mr. Greene decided to stop at the Marfa observation station, having previously read of the strange lights. He watched the sky for hours, grateful that the flying lights were active that night. [details became available in late 2010, […]