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Pterosaur sightings in the United States

eyepiece view of ropen in New Mexico in Sep-2014 2

A Glowing Ropen in New Mexico

Flying in the face of the Wikipedia deletion of “ropen” last month, an apparent bioluminescent pterosaur flew into the eyepiece view of the telescope of Michael Slack of southeastern New Mexico. Apparently, self-appointed Wikipedia editors and judges failed to exterminate the ropen itself. It was...

Gitmo Pterosaur of Guantanamo Bay Cuba, sighting in 1965 0

Frightening Pterosaur Sightings in the USA

Fear of the flying creature is only one kind of terror with encounters between human and pterosaur in the United States of America. Sometimes the eyewitness is frightened not during but after the sighting and not for fear of the creature itself: It’s...

nonfiction book by Jonathan Whitcomb: "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" - third edition 0

Many Live Pterosaurs or Coincidences?

While writing the third edition of my biggest (and I believe best) book, Searching for Ropens and Finding God, I came to better realize how many pterosaur encounters we may have in this big world of ours. On page 217 I wrote:...

town of Grantsville, Utah, with a car driving away on a street 0

Pterosaur Sightings Reported in Utah

Sightings of apparent pterosaurs have often been reported in California. We also have reports from Oregon and Arizona and the middle states of America. What about Utah? Consider the following, part of a sighting report: Sighting in Grantsville, Utah When I was [a...

Country setting but in the city of Slidell, Louisiana - two ponds and a house 1

Pterosaur Sighting in Slidell, Louisiana

On October 10, 2013, I received a phone call from a lady in Slidell, Louisiana. She had seen a flying creature just two hours earlier, a frightening experience, and had received no help from the police or the Wildlife-Fisheries. Two days later, we...

front cover of a nonfiction book by James Bunnell 0

Comparing Interpretations of Marfa Lights

We have an interesting selection here, for interpretations of Marfa Lights in Texas. Take your pick: Ordinary car headlights Extraordinary flying dinosaurs Dancing ghosts Effects of solar activity Plasma related to geology To narrow down the range, let’s get rid of something right...