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“Unidentified Flying Creatures” on Monsterquest (Flying Rods)

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This is not primarily about living pterosaurs or long-tailed ropens or flying dragons. We now disrobe video artifacts called flying rods, strange-looking objects that are not visible, as such, to the naked eye. Why examine such a subject on the Live Pterosaur blog rather than on a video-technology blog? This post does indirectly relate to modern pterosaurs. The television show […]

Beliz Pterosaur [Update: misidentified Frigate Bird]

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Yesterday I had the pleasure of interviewing an eyewitness of a possible pterosaur that had flown over the coast of Belize (Central America) in 2006. Actually, Vito Kobliha and another eyewitness saw three long-tailed flying creatures. The apparent pterosaurs were high and rather far off, but Kobliha had the impression that they were not ordinary birds. Videotaping three […]

Singapore Flying Creature

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Nearly surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia, the city-state of Singapore now appears like a large city, but it was not always so. About half a century ago, a small boy took a walk in a “forested area” that is probably now part of the city of Singapore. He saw two flying creatures that he later […]

A pterosaur by any other name

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I don’t mean “Edna” or “Bob” or “Tiffany.” What name would you think of at the sight of a large flying creature, bigger than any bat, that had no feathers? Let’s consider some common names that come to mind: “pterodactyl” and “flying dinosaur” and “prehistoric bird” and “flying creature.” These names are sometimes chosen by eyewitnesses. Pterodactyl […]