Perosaur Sketch by Eskin Kuhn

Origin of Reports of Ropen Pterosaurs

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Where do reports of ropens come from? If anyone believed the bulverism of several online writers—careless critics—in late-2014, I (Jonathan Whitcomb) may appear to be the source of almost all accounts of those long-tailed featherless flying creatures. That would be a distorted view of reality. Let’s begin with a sighting in New Guinea. July 7th is the birthday of […]

Page 206 of "Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific"

The Ropen as a Modern Rhamphorhynchoid

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What is a Rhamphorhynchoid, also called a basal pterosaur? A definition by a non-scientist could be “a long-tailed pterodactyl.” Why believe that the cryptid called ropen is a modern version of that kind of pterosaur? It’s not just the long tail on a reportedly featherless flying creature. Sighting reports of apparent “pterodactyls” often have a description of the end of […]

Papua New Guinea native huts

Pterosaur Expedition in Papua New Guinea

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On Saturday, April 18, 2015, two American explorers returned from Papua New Guinea, after searching for living pterosaurs on a tropical island where the creatures were previously reported. At last, after eleven expeditions in 21 years, we have a ground-breaking success: Both Americans saw, in daylight, a huge apparent living pterosaur. Typical village huts in Papua New Guinea Seek […]

Scientific paper by J. D. Whitcomb, top of 1st page

More on the Scientific Paper “Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the Southwest Pacific”

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The following are brief excerpts from my scientific paper, published in the Creation Research Society Quarterly (Volume 45, Winter 2009, pages 200-212): Most ropen sightings are of a bright but brief glow that moves approximately horizontally at about 330 ft (100 m) above ground level, often against a mountain background. . . . Of the […]

Gitmo Pterosaur of Guantanamo Bay Cuba, sighting in 1965

What is a Ropen? – the Basics

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Eyewitness’s sketch of a ropen seen in Cuba around 1965 I recently saw a Facebook comment on the group Living Pterosaurs of the World: “What are the Ropens and Pterodactyls?” I made many comments and recommended online resources (including this blog), and recommended my new book, Searching for Ropens and Finding God. But not everybody wants […]