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Online Media Press Room

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The Live Pterosaur Media Center Press Room has been online for many months, but apparently I’ve been neglectful, forgetting to explain it on this blog, so here is an introduction. Its use is not restricted to standard professional news media. If you have a blog or newsletter, feel free to use the reports, press releases, and […]

News Release – Cuban Pterodactyl Eyewitnesses

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A new press release mentions four eyewitnesses of possible pterosaurs at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in the mid-twentieth century. Two of them have been mentioned before on this blog: Eskin Kuhn and Patty Carson. Pterodactyl in Cuba In February of 2010, Whitcomb gave Eskin C. Kuhn (living in Ohio) a surprise phone call, questioning him about […]

New Eyewitness Reports of Pterosaurs

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Pterosaur in Cuba Yesterday, I spoke by phone with Tom Carson, the brother of eyewitness Patty Carson. His 1966 sighting sighting, about one year after Patty’s, seems to have been a smaller creature of the same species. This brother and sister never spoke with each other about their sightings until 2011, after I began interviewing Patty […]

Misidentification or Live Pterosaurs?

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What’s wrong with the idea that sightings of apparent living pterosaurs are misidentifications of birds or bats? On the surface, it sounds reasonable; after all, our Western culture is drenched in the idea that all pterosaurs and dinosaurs became extinct many millions of years ago. But look just beneath the surface and we find problems. […]

Foxes, paleontologists, and cryptids

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Please understand my intentions with the following humor, for I do not downplay the importance of paleontologists; they are essential, the experts in learning from fossils. But the fox has his or her own specialty and the paleontologist likewise. The point? Cryptids are outside paleontology and an apparent lack of fossils in certain categories of strata should not be […]

Introduction to living-pterosaur investigations

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The concept that pterosaurs continue to live in various areas of this planet has excited a few ardent cryptozoologists and many casual investigators. Not without controversy, the idea that some of the species not only survive in isolated rain forests in Papua New Guinea, but live in Australia, North America, Central America, South America, and Africa–that is […]