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flying creature roughly sketched by eyewitness Sandra Paradise 0

Pterosaur Tail Vane or Flange

Rhamphorhynchoid Tail Structure Modern pterosaur eyewitnesses often report a structure at the end of the long tail of the flying creature, with different witnesses using different words for the structure: diamond (many sightings, including Michigan, 2007) lemon shape (Indiana, about 2006) sail (Texas,...

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Modern Flying Dragons

How do flying dragons relate to pterosaurs? Old stories and ancient history—those contain the word “dragon,” and some of the accounts involve large creatures that fly, and sometimes those flying creatures resemble pterosaurs, at least to some extent. Peter Wellnhofer works at the...

Modern Pterosaur Expert 0

Modern Pterosaur Expert

I have no desire to beat dead fossil bones into dust; paleontology has a critical role in understanding pterosaurs. Acknowledging the countless contributions of paleontologists (especially experts on pterosaurs) who have taught us much about those flying creatures of the past, however, I still lift up the...

Only One Kind of Discovery for Smithsonian 0

Only One Kind of Discovery for Smithsonian

Regarding pterosaurs, the only kind of discovery allowed by the Smithsonian is the fossil kind. Apparently no number of eyewitness accounts of living pterosaurs can sway their minds. It’s been many months since Brian Switek’s Smithsonian Magazine online post, “Don’t Get Strung...

Kongamato Crossing the Atlantic? 1

Kongamato Crossing the Atlantic?

With the right winds, butterflies can sometimes get across the Atlantic Ocean, at least from North America to Ireland. So could a kongamato get across the Atlantic from Africa? I like to think of it from another perspective: Could a species of...

Science and Pterosaur Extinction 0

Science and Pterosaur Extinction

During my eight years of investigating reports of living pterosaurs, I never suggested that no species of pterosaur is extinct, that all of them are alive; I have simply maintained that not all species are extinct. The fossil evidence of many species (however...

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