side-by-side front covers of two cryptozoology books by Whitcomb

Nonfiction Books About Living Pterosaurs

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By the living-pterosaur cryptozoologist Jonathan David Whitcomb Quotations from three nonfiction cryptozoology books Searching for Ropens and Finding God (4th edition) . . . avoid ridiculing those labeled creationist. . . . When in human history has one person always been wrong? [Introduction] Albert Schweitzer inspired me, earlier in my teenage years, when I read of […]

side-by-side front covers of two cryptozoology books by Whitcomb

Living Pterosaurs and the 1944 Sighting

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By modern-pterosaur researcher Jonathan Whitcomb For a moment, let’s set aside my recently published book Modern Pterosaurs and see what one skeptic has written about a few pages in my older book Searching for Ropens and Finding God. A critic of our investigations has written that the army buddy of the late Duane Hodgkinson (DH) […]

The left photo is genuine; the right one is a hoax

Book About the Pteranodon Photograph

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Before getting into the new book, Modern Pterosaurs, about the Ptp photograph, let’s consider the hoax image that has caused confusion: The Freakylinks photo. Glen Kuban, a critic of living-pterosaur investigators for years, made a mistake regarding Ptp in his long online publication “Living Pterodactyls.” (He also made many other errors in that page, so […]

reef area off the coast of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea

Ropen Sightings – Importance of Eyewitness Testimony

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How grateful I am for those who bravely step forward and report what they have encountered! Americans and other Westerners have a special challenge, for it’s difficult to say that you’ve seen a living pterosaur, whether you call it pterodactyl, ropen, dinosaur bird, or dragon. It’s difficult to report what you saw because it’s easy […]

"A quest for discovering modern pterosaurs" - bac of the cover of the non-fiction book

Don’t get “Strung Along” by the Smithsonian Myth About Ropens

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This is a reply to “Don’t Get Strung Along by the ‘Ropen’ Myth.” The Smithsonian’s blog post supports what I call a “myth” regarding the total extinction of all varieties of pterosaurs. Regardless of how many have become extinct, some still survive. So where is the scientific evidence for the universal extinction of all species […]

Three knights illustrate the three critical factors in the Evolutionary Boundary

Evolution and Living Pterosaurs

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I do not insist that others accept my opinions about various concepts of biological evolution, before we can communicate about modern pterosaurs. In the most recent edition of my first book (Searching for Ropens and Finding God, published in April of 2014), I hope I made it clear in the Introduction: Is this a tool […]

Patty points to a tourist attraction on the island of St. Croix. Each of these four children saw a living pterosaur earlier, in Cuba.

Five Eyewitnesses of Pterosaurs in Cuba

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I included these five eyewitnesses in my newly published non-fiction book Searching for Ropens and Finding God. Eskin Kuhn and Patty Carson are given much attention, yet more eyewitnesses are mentioned, including three siblings of Carson. Patty Carson & her two brothers & a sister, in a posed photo unrelated to ropens In the above photo, the four children of […]

Dwarves from the first film of "The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey"

The Hobbit and Searching for Ropens

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How does the fiction about Bilbo relate to the nonfiction adventures of searching for ropens? The third movie, The Hobbit – There and Back Again, should be released late this year; the third edition of the book that is retitled Searching for Ropens and Finding God should be published in February [Update: The fourth edition was published […]