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Pterosaur Sighting in England

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By nonfiction author Jonathan D. Whitcomb Living-pterosaur (LP) cryptozoology involves interviewing eyewitnesses of unusual flying creatures, analyzing details in those reports, and comparing various accounts. Sometimes a number of sightings occur in the same general area. Let’s look at the British Isles, an area mostly neglected in my previous writings about these wonderful flying creatures […]

Lighting the Flying Creature of the Night

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This is not to illuminate the bioluminescent pterosaur of Marfa, Texas, or of Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea. Indeed, that kind of glow actually hides the form and features of the flying creature that produces the light. Setting aside bioluminescence, we now consider why some night sightings have contributed to the credibility of the live-pterosaur investigations. I […]

Kongamato and Ropen Compared

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Let’s begin by being precise. I do not insinuate that in Africa all sightings with the label “kongamato” are of the same species of pterosaur or even any kind of pterosaur; the same applies to the label “ropen.” But specific sighting reports have similar details, namely this: a large or giant size, a long tail with a Rhamphorhynchoid-like structure […]

pterosaur seen by Aaron Tullock in Texas in about 1995

Bird watching sans pterosaurs

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The Wikipedia post for “kongamato” includes “the area concerned is advertised as a prime birdwatching site,” bringing up the question of why birdwatchers do not report living pterosaurs in Africa. Wikipedia gives no answer, implying that the possibility of a live pterosaur in Africa is therefore doubtful. From Wikipedia’s “birdwatching” page, we learn that many birds “are […]

“Flying Snakes” and Pterosaurs in Namibia

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Welcome, RM-2 I’m grateful to this new subscriber, from the UK, who has been active in cryptozoological research (he recently gave me important information on another unrelated sighting report). By the way, Namibia, on the southwest coast of Africa (much desert), is the second most sparsely populated country in the world, according to Wikipedia. A desert […]