pterodactyls in Raleigh, North Carolina

Reply to a Newspaper Article in North Carolina

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By the living-pterosaur cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb The News & Observer published an article, earlier this week, about a sighting by Cynthia Lee and about my ideas on non-extinct “pterodactyls,” including pterosaur sightings in Raleigh, North Carolina. It was not the first newspaper article on this kind of encounter in the USA and on my work […]

sky scrapers of Toronto

Living Pterosaur in Ontario, Canada

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By cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb, author of nonfiction books on modern pterosaurs I received the following eyewitness account by email in 2016, most of which is this: I was phoning around dawn on a hill on Eglington Ave. across from the Ontario Science Centre when I saw a very smooth brown flying creature about the size […]

map with Lake Pontchartrain

Living Pterosaurs in Louisiana

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By cryptozoology author Jonathan D. Whitcomb Introduction For those new to this blog, I need to explain why I call myself a “living pterosaur expert,” a strange title. From 2003 to the present (late 2017), I have spent over 10,000 hours on this narrow branch of cryptozoology: investigating eyewitness reports of apparent non-extinct “pterodactyls.” I […]

side-by-side front covers of two cryptozoology books by Whitcomb

Nonfiction Books About Living Pterosaurs

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By the living-pterosaur cryptozoologist Jonathan David Whitcomb Quotations from three nonfiction cryptozoology books Searching for Ropens and Finding God (4th edition) . . . avoid ridiculing those labeled creationist. . . . When in human history has one person always been wrong? [Introduction] Albert Schweitzer inspired me, earlier in my teenage years, when I read of […]

countryside - Shropshire, England

Pterosaur Sighting in England

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By nonfiction author Jonathan D. Whitcomb Living-pterosaur (LP) cryptozoology involves interviewing eyewitnesses of unusual flying creatures, analyzing details in those reports, and comparing various accounts. Sometimes a number of sightings occur in the same general area. Let’s look at the British Isles, an area mostly neglected in my previous writings about these wonderful flying creatures […]

Clifford Paiva analyzed the wings in the Ptp pterosaur photo

Answering an Extreme Skeptic on the “Civil War” Pterosaur Photo

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By modern-pterosaur author and researcher Jonathan Whitcomb . Brief Introduction to Glen Kuban’s “Living Pterosaurs (‘Pterodactyls’)” Mr. Kuban has written “Living Pterosaurs,” apparently, as a general attempt to refute anything that he finds that supports the possibility that a species of pterosaur is alive. Many of his paragraphs have little if any relationship to declarations […]