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Enlightening the Roadblock of Car Headlights for Marfa Lights

The major roadblock to objective investigations of the mystery lights called “Marfa Lights” is not the strangeness of the bioluminescent-pterosaur interpretation; it is the dogma of car headlights as the only explanation for any lights that might be called “mysterious” around Marfa, Texas.

From the blog post “Headlights and Hard Heads Knock Marfa Lights,” we read:

James Bunnell, in his book Hunting Marfa Lights, has examined, scientifically, the various lights around Marfa, lights that could be called “mysterious.” He has listed quite a few categories. The point is that car headlights, made mysterious by night-mirage atmospheric conditions, are only one type of mystery light near Marfa. Other classifications of what Bunnell calls “ML” (mystery lights) are seen where there are no highways and even no roads. Some ML have combustion-like properties (Bunnell is literally a rocket scientist), very unlike car headlights . . .

Mr. Bunnell, years ago, installed automatic cameras on the lands where ranchers allowed it, photographing many of the Marfa Lights that flew over bushes (not on any highway). Detailed scientific analysis of those non-headlights proved them to be very different, showing things as strange as combustion-like properties, with burn-out and re-combustion during flights. Mr. Bunnell knows what he is talking about, being a rocket scientist who assisted all the Apollo missions that put humans on the moon several times.

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