U.S.A. Sightings

Sightings of Living Pterosaurs (previously unpublished)

By the modern-pterosaur expert Jonathan Whitcomb

Not all the sighting reports, that I’ve received over the past 14 years, are yet published online. Some can be found in cryptozoology books like Searching for Ropens and Finding God, but others are not yet available to the public. Let’s consider previously unpublished sighting reports of apparent living pterosaurs, starting with a daylight encounter in the United States, even though the encounter itself is not recent.

Boise area of Idaho, about 1975

[I’ve done no editing of this eyewitness report except to cut out a few sentences at the beginning.]

When it was standing up out in a field it appeared to be a man off in the distance. It had to have been the height of a man maybe around 6′ tall.

My dad and I was wondering what that man was doing out in the middle of a field while we was going down the road. It looked like he was all dressed in black and seemed out of place with no cattle or horses. It gave us conversation.

We figured he was looking at the ground about crops or something. Until we got closer when it spread wings and flew off the ground. You can only imagine how shocked and surprised we was when it took off and wasn’t a man at all.

Its wings had been closed hugged to the body similar to how a bat has theirs. It took it awhile to get up very high because at first we thought it might hit us it was flying so low to get itself up more.

It went right over us, I’m trying to remember the year, in either 1975 or 1976. It was in desert area in the country part of Boise, Idaho and it finally got high elevation and flew towards the mountains.

The one we saw had a short wide beak and short crest on the head. As big as it was we figured others surely saw it besides us. I’m almost wondering now how many times us and others might actually be seeing these things high above thinking it’s only an eagle or vulture and give it no second thought.

Sighting in Iraq in 2007

Hello there, my name is Charles. . . . (Northern California). I just wanted to share an account of myself witnessing a bioluminescent pterodactyl/saur. This event occurred when I was a soldier deployed overseas. The exact occurrence was at night in 2007 at the vicinity of Ar-Ramadi, Iraq.

Kansas (three eyewitnesses)

The following short email I got early in September of 2017:

A total of 3 witnesses, including myself, saw what appeared to be a pterodactyl. The sighting happened west of Cheyenne Bottoms, Kansas during the early afternoon hours.



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