Evidences Jonathan Whitcomb was in Papua New Guinea in 2004

By the American cryptozoologist Jonathan D. Whitcomb

I don’t know of anyone who has disputed the reality of my expedition on Umboi Island in 2004, but a few skeptics have tried to pin the label “deception” on me and my associates or on those we have interviewed, and many Westerners have a tendency to come to disbelieve in historical events as time carries us further away from the past. The following is written as evidence that I really did go on an expedition in Papua New Guinea in 2004. See a post with my passport stamps if you will, as it offers additional evidence that I traveled to the southwest Pacific in that year.

A few weeks after my two-week expedition on Umboi Island, two other Americans explored there, Garth Guessman and David Woetzel, and some of the natives confirmed to them that I had indeed been on their island recently. In mid-2017, the native Rex Yapi spoke with Luke Paina, and my expedition in 2004 was confirmed. (Luke was my interpreter, bodyguard, and counselor during our expedition.) In addition, the village leaders Mark Kau, pronounced “cow,” and David Moke, pronounced “moe-kay,” can confirm I was there, if anybody wants to go to Opai Village and ask them.


Jonathan Whitcomb on his 2004 expedition in Papua New Guinea

Jonathan Whitcomb near Gomlongon Village, Umboi Island, 2004


Quoting from the fourth edition of my book Searching for Ropens and Finding God:

Preparing against foreign diseases and parasites went better. I purchased a generous supply of Malarone pills to reduce malaria risk, an expensive drug but with few side effects. Over several weeks, I was pumped up with standard inoculations: polio, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid, and one or two kinds of hepatitis.


Costco pharmacy prescription filled for malarone

Jonathan Whitcomb’s prescription for malaria-prevention pills: Malarone


International Certificate of Vaccination for Whitcomb

International Certificate of Vaccination (with the front page) for Whitcomb


immunizations - Aug 16, 2004

Immunizations given – Long Beach (California) Health & Human Services


boarding pass for Jonathan Whitcomb - LAX to Auckland, New Zealand

Boarding pass for Jonathan Whitcomb: Los Angeles to New Zealand

The flight from LAX to New Zealand was overnight and then some, and together with crossing the International Date Line put the date of Sep 21, 2004, for my arrival in the southwest Pacific (I left California on Sunday, Sep 19th).


boarding pass - Flight NZ171 - 21-Sep

Whitcomb’s boarding pass for Air New Zealand flight-NZ171 to Cairns, Australia


boarding pass - Port Moresby to Lae - 22-Sep

Air Niugini flight-PX-102 from Port Moresby to Lae on September 22nd


evidence Jonathan Whitcomb was in Lae in September of 2004

Currency exchange between U.S. dollars and kina, Sep 23, 2004, in Lae


New Expedition Expected Late in 2017

We hope that a new ropen expedition will begin on Umboi Island before the end of 2017, although no such search has happened there since 2004. Look for future details on this Live Pterosaur blog.



Flying Dinosaurs in Papua New Guinea

From 1994 through 2009, about nine Americans have intermittently (and usually two or three at a time) visited remote islands of Papua New Guinea, searching for flying creatures: living pterosaurs.


Ropen of Papua New Guinea

Duane Hodgkinson, now a flight instructor in Livingston, Montana, in 1944 was stationed near Finschhafen, in what was then called New Guinea.


Cryptozoology books for LDS readers

I offer the following three nonfiction books that I have written, each of them about evidences for non-extinct pterosaurs, what many Westerners call “pterodactyls.”


Living Pterosaurs

Ropen Sighting Near University of California at Irvine


Ropens, or flying dinosaurs

  • When a Child Sees a Pterosaur
  • Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs in Acambaro
  • Ropen-Pterosaur in Oregon and Washington?
  • . . . Expedition by Woetzel and Guessman
  • Ropen Only Extinct on Wikipedia
  • New Book on Living Pterodactyls
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  • No “Ropen Myth” in Washington State
  • . . . Flying in Los Angeles County
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  • [and more about these flying creatures]


Expedition on Umboi Island

  • Paul Nation, the most active LP explorer
  • Garth Guessman, another active cryptozoologist
  • Hoaxes Fail to Explain U. S. Living-Pterosaur Reports


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