Pterosaur fossils and eyewitnesses

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Fossils are evidence of life, not extinction.” This deserves more attention, in light of the many testimonies of many eyewitnesses. Here is part of the text from the page Live Pterosaurs:

How often are dinosaurs and pterosaurs depicted as ancient creatures that became extinct millions of years ago! It was not from “modern science” that we got the doctrine of universal ancient extinctions of dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Fossils discovered before the nineteenth century (long before any carbon-dating or any other dating method), were unknown to those who dug them up. Since they were not similar to any living creatures known to those persons, they were assumed to be extinct. By the time Darwin’s ideas were becoming popular, the fossils were used as evidence for ancient extinctions. But eyewitnesses from the early twentieth century to the present have seen living dinosaurs and living pterosaurs.

Note that “eyewitness” does not usually mean “anecdotal,” at least with the many credible accounts that I have investigated with interviews, for “anecdote” does not apply (contrary to top-of-the-head speculations of some of my critics). Neither does cryptozoology always mean unscientific or pseudo-scientific procedures. The real problem is dogmatic belief in universal extinctions of general categories of creatures: dinosaurs and pterosaurs in particular. And eyewitness accounts keep coming in.

Third edition of "Live Pterosaurs in America"
Live Pterosaurs in America, third edition, nonfiction
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