How absurd! A Frigate Bird!

A Youtube video titled “Ropen (Flying Dinosaur)” has received 37,000 views as of this afternoon. But the beginning of that video shows an obvious Frigate Bird soaring as Frigate Birds will soar. I’ve lost count of how many times I have responded to that video footage, explaining that it does not show any ropen but only a common ocean-going bird.

Another Youtube video, “pterosaur type creature part 1,” is the identical video footage but with text: “While on holiday in Papua New Guinea with my wife . . .” I am not accusing any person of dishonesty here, but that barren hillside above the beach looks nothing like any beach that I saw while I was in Papua New Guinea. In addition, the two telephone poles and the two cars and the almost total lack of humans appears to add up to some beach other than one in that remote tropical part of the world; I don’t say that this is a fraud, but it appears very strange, regardless of birds and ropens. I don’t say that this beach is in Mexico or some other country other than Papua New Guinea; I just feel that the strangeness of the barren hill and the strangeness of the lack of natives thronging around those two cars—they deserve an explanation.

I am concerned that some of the 176,000 viewers may have been mislead in some way, for that Frigate Bird looks nothing like the descriptions that I have received from eyewitnesses of the ropen, regardless of what beach is in that video. Ropens are nocturnal creatures, for the most part, appearing dark and featherless, not with a white throat-chest common for some Frigate Birds. This video has been put up on Youtube with apparent blocking of  negative comments for about two years. It seems that this version of the footage is purposefully protected from a criticism like “Frigate Bird,” an obvious explanation.

I don’t know that all photos and videos of proclaimed pterosaurs are non-pterosaurs; but frauds and jokes through photos and videos are so common that it has interferred with publicizing the results of legitimate investigations and research.


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