Potential Attacks on Domesticated Animals, by Ropens

I recently got a question from a member of a Facebook group: “Living Pterosaurs of the World.” It was in response to a Youtube video of two interviews I had with eyewitnesses last year. These two young men testified that the local farm animals went “crazy” with fright, making a lot of noise, when a very large glowing flying creature flew overhead one night.

Rather than dive into details about this particular sighting (which was in Grantsville, Utah, around the fall of 2001), let’s consider the question on the Facebook group discussion:

Jonathan, have you noted these animal reactions in these type of sightings before?

Let’s begin with dogs. Man’s best friend seems to consider large ropens or pterodactyls to be very dangerous.

Behavior of Dogs

From page 200 of the fourth edition of Searching for Ropens and Finding God:

. . . it scared the hell out of me, also scared my dog so bad that she had her tail between her legs and ran into her dog-house and would not come out for over an hour. The feeling I got was that whatever it was it was really big . . .

From page 242 of that cryptozoology book:

At 11:45 [a.m.] [I was] sitting under my gazebo playing on my computer in Lakewood, CA. My dog started going crazy barking and whining. I started hearing what sounded like him having really deep burps and I got up after 30 seconds or so because I knew the sounds were not coming from my dog . . .

From page 249 of Searching for Ropens and Finding God:

Early on the night of August 3, 2012, according to John, Rex ran out to the back, near the camera, barking wildly. He then made a sound that he rarely makes: a sort of whimper. The dog then ran into the house and did not respond when John called him; that non-response to John’s call is very strange.

From page 35 of the third edition of Live Pterosaurs in America:

She was twelve years old, at most (around 1995), when she walked out into her backyard one morning to check on the dog, for the dog food was untouched. GR found the poor animal cowering around the side of the house, apparently trying to hide behind a banana tree. The girl had no idea what was wrong, at that time, and called the dog, but it would not move. . . .

She turned her head and saw what it was that had terrified the dog. Next door, in the neighbor’s backyard, was what she first thought was a tall man; but he was about as tall as the house, too tall. He was “draped in a long black coat or cape,” facing away from her. “Dracula” came to mind as GR tried to understand what she was looking at. The “man” turned, and revealed a face that terrified the child: It was non-human.

Slowing the creature (revealing itself to be neither human nor bird) unwrapped its bat-like wings, dark leathery wings. The girl had never seen anything remotely like them. . . .

Farm animals and strange flying creatures

From page 88 of Live Pterosaurs in America (3rd edition):

He [David Woetzel] quoted a passage from a book by Marie Trevelyan (1909), who interviewed an old man who remembered “winged serpents” that lived in the mid-1800’s around Penllyne Castle, Glamorgan, Wales. I quote part of Woetzel’s quotation of the book: “The woods around Penllyne Castle, Glamorgan, had . . . . winged serpents . . . An aged inhabitant of Penllyne, who died a few years ago . . . said it was ‘no old story,’ invented to ‘frighten children,’ but a real fact. His father and uncles had killed some of them, for they were ‘as bad as foxes for poultry.’ This old man attributed the extinction of winged serpents to the fact that they were ‘terrors in the farmyards and coverts.’”


The farm animals in Grantsville, Utah, went “crazy” with fright one dark night around the fall of 2001, making lots of noise in their fear. I believe that those farm animals were in real danger from that flying creature, and I believe that the source of that terror was a very large bioluminescent ropen.

Reptile monster flies away with a horse

Old newspaper account of a giant flying creature over Stansbury Island, Utah

Although the newspaper account of a giant flying reptile carrying off a full-grown horse is very likely exaggerated, it seems to relate to the sighting by three boys in Grantsville, Utah, in 2001. Please note that Grantsville is only about eight miles south of Stansbury Island.


Cryptozoology book about pterodactyls

“Neither my brother or I was prone to being scared . . .  This night was different. . . . the creature was flying just  above the phone lines. It would go one direction, turn, and  swoop back. . . . The wingspan was huge, anywhere from  6-10 feet across.” (Texas)

Ropen pterosaur

American eyewitness of a living pterodactyl

Book on the ropen

It [the nonfiction cryptozoology book Searching for Ropens and Finding God] soars above disputes about religion, revealing why an official discovery of an extraordinary animal has been delayed for so long. Above all, this explores human experience: eyewitnesses and those who interviewed them.

Pterodactyl Attacks in Yosemite?

These weird disappearances are not confined to Yosemite, nor even to the United States. Several factors do seem to tie together cases that are separated by long distances and sometimes separated by decades. To understand what may be happening in Yosemite National Park, we need to see in a broader sense. Look to Canada and to Mexico.

The nocturnal ropen

Eyewitness testimonies suggest that the ropen is a Rhamphorhynchoid (long-tailed) pterosaur. According to the investigators this criteria is based on several consistent patterns such as the featherless appearance, long tail that ends in a flange or diamond shape . . .


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