Whitcomb Interviewed for the Travel Channel – Mysterious Missing Persons

This past Monday, April 4, I was interviewed at Bass Lake, south of Yosemite, for a Travel Channel episode of “Mysteries at the National Parks.” It should be broadcast around January of 2017. Living pterosaurs will have only a minor role in this TV show.

Ben Hansen interviewed near Yosemite

Paranormal investigator Ben Hansen is interviewed at Bass Lake, California

This particular episode covers a number of paranormal interpretations of why so many persons have gone missing from Yosemite National Park. The possibility of attacks from large flying creatures is only one point of view. Ben Hansen, a paranormal expert who was interviewed before I was, suggested other things that may play a part, or be part of the explanation, including something like time transport.

I was delighted to work with Mr. Hansen and hope to be involved in another TV show with him some day. I would also be delighted if I could again work with the director Eric Blouin. Who could ask for a better director?

Large Flying Creatures and Missing Persons

I don’t know how much of what I said in the interview will get through the editing. Perhaps the producer will use only a minute or two of my perspective in this episode, but I’ll try to recall some of what I said and summarize it here.

In reports of missing persons (the strangest cases investigated by David Paulides) I see three signs that  point to a huge flying creature:

  1. The missing person, or the body, is found miles away
  2. One or more pieces of clothing, or one or both shoes, are missing
  3. A found person may be asleep or have mental stupor or appear forgetful

In addition, during my interview by the director Eric Blouin, I mentioned why tracking dogs will sometimes fail to track or will soon stop tracking: When a human victim is carried up into the air by a large flying creature, his or her body is dragged along the ground for only a short time. Where the person leaves the ground—that is where the tracking canines can track no further.

I cannot vouch for my exact words, but during my interview I said something like, “The body of the 12-year-old Kenny Miller was found  1,400 feet higher than where he was last seen, found on one of the highest ridges in this part of the California. Some of the clothing was missing from the body. No mountain lion or bear would drag a person for miles, up to a much higher elevation, then take the jacket and shoes and leave the body on that high ridge. No. It was no bear or mountain lion.”

Large Flying Creatures: Ropen or Thunder Bird?

My interview at Bass Lake ended with my admission that I do not have any certain knowledge of what has been causing these mysterious disappearances in Yosemite National Park. We still have much to learn.

With some of these cases of missing persons, I mention “flying creature.” It’s quite possible that an unknown species of giant bird is responsible for some of these disappearances. Yet a few large ropens may be to blame. Whether bird or pterosaur, something appears to be carrying away some of these persons, and these weird human disappearances are not limited to Yosemite. These kinds of cases are found in other areas of North America and even in other parts of the world.

Whatever is responsible, we puny little humans need to keep our eyes more on the skies.


Bass Lake, south of Yosemite

Unfortunately, many pine trees are killed by pine beetles, like these trees near Bass Lake, California, just south of Yosemite – another kind of killer in the Sierra Nevadas


Pterodactyl Attacks in Yosemite?

These weird disappearances are not confined to Yosemite, nor even to the United States. Several factors do seem to tie together cases that are separated by long distances and sometimes separated by decades. To understand what may be happening in Yosemite National Park, we need to see in a broader sense. Look to Canada and to Mexico.

Missing Persons and the Ropen

If people are in danger in national parks and other wilderness areas of North America, they have the right to be informed about the potential risks and what may be involved.

Jonathan Whitcomb and living pterosaurs

From “fiery flying serpents” of  the Bible ages ago, to strange flying creatures  called “dragons” in England and other European  countries a few centuries ago, to a huge pterosaur  flying across a country highway in South Carolina  in 1989, descriptions of these “flying dinosaurs,”  commonly called “pterodactyls,” make if obvious  that they are non-fictional and non-extinct.

Missing Persons in Alaska – strange cases

This is especially about a giant bird and a missing young woman in Alaska.