Recent Sightings of Pterosaurs, Including Ropens (Long-Tailed “Pterodactyls”)

Before getting into these recent encounters with “pterodactyls” or “dragons,” as some call them, I’d like to express my gratitude that this blog now has received over 200,000 views worldwide, over the years. Over 100,000 of these have been from readers in the United States. That means the word is getting out about these sightings of strange featherless flying creatures. Please continue to contact me if you are one of those who has seen one of these flying creatures.

"Over 200,000 views of posts on this blog"

Some of the following excerpts from email reports have been edited for spelling and punctuation, etc. Each one appears to have significant potential as a valid sighting report of a modern pterosaur. Not all of these reports has been followed up by phone conversations, so credibility may be less certain than older reports that have passed the test of time and phone interviews and/or face-to-face interviewing. Nevertheless, as of mid-March of 2016, the following accounts each appear to be probably genuine encounters with a ropen or other type of pterosaur.

Oklahoma (Broken Arrow) early 2016

I was at a funeral that took place at Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, [at] around 2:05/2:10. While the pastor was speaking, I saw what I thought was a raven, crow or eagle. As I observed this I noticed it had a long neck, long tail and a ball at the end of the tail. I know it was not a know bird. . . .

. . . I searched for flying dragons in Oklahoma and this web site came up. I do not drink or do drugs!!! Plus my daughter also saw this thing too, so I was not seeing things.

Oklahoma City on February 2, 2016

This appears to have no direct relationship with the sighting in Broken Arrow. Both encounters just happen to have been in the same state, early in 2016.

I believe I saw one of these the other day. . . . I was driving down the highway and noticed what first looked like a big bird flying over lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The highway runs right along the lake. I was staring at it for a good three to five seconds before passing by it. . . . It looked way too big to be an eagle or hawk . . . I distinctly remember no feathers and it’s skin, which reminded me of one of those hairless cats it was all tan and wrinkly, and also the wings were like webbed to its body. . . .

I was in disbelief I remember saying out loud to myself, “did I just see a . . . dragon?” I was alone but it was right beside the highway so there had to be a few if not many others that saw it.

Oregon (Medford) in June of 2015

This encounter was not so recent (mid-2015), but I got the report in March of 2016. This is the first publication of this Oregon sighting report, to the best of my knowledge.

I wanted to let someone know that I saw one of these creatures last year at around 6:45 PM, in June, 2015. I’m positive it was not a bird because it had a long tail with a triangular thing on the end that bounced as it flapped it’s wings. My husband and I were standing outside. . . .

. . . this thing flew toward the house pretty high up. I could clearly see the protrusion on the back on the head from the angle we had, as well as the tail bouncing in flight. . . . this didn’t look like any feathered creature. It absorbed more light. I couldn’t tell exactly how big it was, but we have golden eagles out here and it was around 3 times as long as a golden eagle flying at the height I usually see them. The only other bird we have that is that size would be a buzzard, but they don’t look anything like this.



Recent Pterosaur Sightings (including in Oklahoma)

This morning at around 8:30 it went from bright morning to a black sky in just a few minutes. . . . it was such a freaky change in weather . . . On my way back from the store, I was watching the sky and saw a few birds and this really big bird with leathery wings and a long tail with a lion tuft type of thing. This is what the shape suggested. I didn’t see any feathers.


Ropen Sighting in Oregon

Another report of flying lights has surfaced, this one from a wilderness area of Oregon. It seems that the mysterious lights that have been reported to fly over the Yakima River in the state of Washington—those are also seen to fly over a river in Oregon, reported by two cryptozoologists from the Portland area.


Sighting of a Ropen by an American

Video of an interview between cryptozoologist Garth Guessman and the pterosaur eyewitness Duane Hodgkinson (sighting itself was in 1944 in New Guinea)


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