Sense of Truth – Nonfiction Book

Gitmo Pterosaur of Guantanamo Bay Cuba, sighting in 1965

My paperback Sense of Truth should be published within the next two months or so. One chapter will be devoted to modern pterosaurs. The following are from the early-April version of the text.

From Introduction

Did a long-tailed flying dinosaur just glide over your house? Maybe. But you might not remain popular with your neighbors if you publicize the event. Telling them that pterosaurs have returned from extinction or that the next-door Chihuahua may become a snack to the local dragon—that may be a truth for which your neighbors are unprepared. . . .

This book is not an alethiometer, telling the possessor of that tool the truth even when that person tells lies, as in the film the Golden Compass. Tell the truth. As you live honestly, you may become an alethiometer yourself, reading the truth in the uncountable swarming statements that shout for attention. You can learn to distinguish truth from falsehood, at least some of the time, as you live the truth, to the best of your ability.

From Chapter Three – Modern Pterosaurs

Look at a box of mac ‘n cheese or frozen chicken nuggets, the ones with tasty shapes of dinosaurs. Notice that some of those shapes have wings, like what many of us call pterodactyls. Did you notice the word prehistoric on the box? Now notice what small children are taught.

We’ve been indoctrinated into the ancient extinctions of dinosaurs for generations, in Western cultures, even since (what my grandchildren would consider) ancient human history: before I was a child. Pterosaurs, those winged wonders, have been put into the same box as dinosaurs, and some of my critics have tried to shove me into that same box, head first.





Third edition of "Live Pterosaurs in America"

Live Pterosaurs in America – third edition – by Jonathan David Whitcomb

From the title page of the book:

How are sightings in the United States related to those in the southwest Pacific? How do some apparent nocturnal pterosaurs pertain to bats, and how are bats irrelevant? How could modern living pterosaurs have escaped scientific notice? These mysteries have slept in the dark, beyond the knowledge of almost all Americans, even beyond our wildest dreams (although the reality of some pterosaurs is a living nightmare to some bats). These mysteries have slept . . . until now.


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