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Lights in Mississippi Deer Camera Images

Possible bioluminesce in a flying predator?

I have no clear estimate for the probability that strange lights in deer camera photos, from the state of Mississippi, are from bioluminescent ropens, to the best of my knowledge as of early January 22, 2015. The honesty-credibility of the couple who own the property in Jackson County, Mississippi, however, demands that I present to you what I do know about the ropen possibility.

Credibility of Rainer and Edith Shattles

Both husband and wife appeared to me to be highly credible, as I watched (on Youtube) the television news examination of their deer camera photos. Neither of them appeared to have any interest in promoting the concept of ET’s from another planet. In fact, Mr. Shattles suggested the possibility that the light may have come from a government drone, although he showed little conviction for that speculation. The point, however, is clear: neither Rainer nor Edith appeared to have any motivation for playing any hoax.

Criticism and speculation of a hoax

From what I have seen, critics dismiss these game-camera photos as worthless for giving credence to extra-terrestrial aliens shining lights on earthly deer in Jackson County, Mississippi. But those critics fail to realize that the two persons who present these photos have not suggested the lights come from any beings from any other planet. They simply show us what their game camera photographed one night in February of 2014.

Sighting by Garth Guessman in Papua New Guinea

Consider the following, from page 317 of the fourth edition of Searching for Ropens and Finding God, regarding the Monsterquest expedition on New Britain Island, Papua New Guinea, in which my friend and associate Garth Guessman participated:

After returning from the expedition, Guessman gave me many details. The hike exhausted all of them, so they welcomed sleep on that first night . . . with one exception. My friend knew the importance of nightly observations—he had been searching for ropens on Umboi Island in 2004—so he stayed up while everybody else went to bed. When he suggested they watch the sky, they told him they were there to make a show, not to conduct a scientific investigation.

While the others slept, Guessman saw a highly directional light that illuminated clouds. In daylight, no campfire was seen where that light had appeared, yet the other members of the team gave little attention to my friend’s report. That’s hardly surprising, for they were there to make a show and none of them had seen any strange light while they slept.

The point of that sighting of a strange light on New Britain Island is this: Something caused that directional light, and maybe, just maybe, it was a bioluminescent pterosaur, perhaps even a ropen. If so, why could not the directional light in the game camera photo from Jackson County, Mississippi, have also been from a similar flying creature?


Possible bioluminesce in a flying predator?

Directional light seems to center on a deer (Jackson County, Mississippi, Feb-2014)




Deer camera photos in Mississippi

Multiple Deer cam images from the 150 acres that Rainer and Edith Shattles call home in the Cumbest Bluff area of Jackson County show at least one UFO . . .

Ropen Attacks

“I also saw a ‘giant’ pterodactyl! Actually most of the senior students of our public school saw it too. This was back in about 1960 when I was 12 years old. . . . Since I am now almost 67 yrs old, I would like to find anyone else who might have seen one too.”

Bioluminescence of the ropen

The British biologist and explorer Lucy Evelyn Cheesman was the first woman ever hired as a curator at the Regent’s Park Zoo, in London. She traveled in the south Pacific prior to World War II, discovering a number of new species of small creatures and writing several books.

Umboi Island government official sees ropen light

At about 7:00 p.m., after fishing off the reef, Cottingham saw the glow: a light moving horizontally “across the top of the coconut palms.” The object’s slow wavelike motion was unlike any other light he had ever seen.

Ropen Lights in Southern California?

The ghost lights first came to the public attention in the “early” 1900’s, when John D. Spreckels [born in 1853] began construction on the impossible San Diego and Arizona Railways, through the treacherous Carrizo Gorge. . . . on moonless nights the camps were plagued by mysterious hovering balls of colored light. At least one worker was driven mad by fear.

Ropen sighting in Mississippi

“I was in Meridian, Mississippi [about 2001]. I was outside . . . around 9 pm . . . It’s a full moon . . . when I turned my head to look to the right, I caught this shadow of a figure floating over the top of my sisters apartment building. . . . The wing span had to be 25 ft across and from head to toe at least the same. I was yelling and screaming for my brother-in-law or nephews to look . . .”


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