Marfa lights and ropen lights

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In his non-fiction book “Hunting Marfa Lights,” James Bunnell describes many sightings, including one “mystery light” that was photographed on February 19, 2003. The flying light appeared to have “on and off states as well as occasional bursts to brightness.” He concluded that it had “the appearance of chemical combustion including at least two re-ignitions and step changes in brightness.” He also concluded that the photographed light could not have been a car headlight.

On Umboi Island, Papua New Guinea, late in 2004, the American cryptozoologist David Woetzel witnessed a strange light flying to the mountains near Lake Pung. It moved almost horizontally, had no meteor tail, and was “shimmering around the edges.” Other eyewitnesses of the horizontally-flying ropen light have mentioned a pulsating appearance.

A few years earlier, on a different island in northern Papua New Guinea, missionary James Blume saw a pulsating light on a ridge. The light was about the size and shape of a large penguin, but the shape of the creature itself could not be determined, for he had no night-vision equipment.

This similarity between Marfa lights of Texas and ropen lights of Papua New Guinea deserves attention.

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  1. It should be understood that Mr. Bunnell may have never even considered the idea of a nocturnal-predator source of the “ML” (mystery lights) of Marfa, that is before 2010, when he was contacted by a cryptozoologist.

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