Sighting in Southern Montana, Sep 4, 2009

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Early Sep 11, 2009

An eyewitness recently told me that he saw, “the largest flying creature I’ve ever seen,” at the Cooney Reservoir in Southern Montana, on Friday, September 4, 2009. I’m presently interviewing him, with the hope of communicating with another man who was with him that evening at the Red Lodge campground. Several preliminary signs indicate that this is a genuine sighting, unlikely a hoax. (See the press release on the elimination of hoax potential in overall testimonies; nevertheless, individual credibility is judged rather differently. The report of this Montana sighting has its own individual aspects that give it credibility.)

Early that night, it flew over them: about 50 feet high; the eyewitness estimated the wingspan: 20 feet. “We could hear the sound of the wings flapping.” Two other eyewitnesses may have seen something similar at different times in the area, giving us three additional potential eyewitness testimonies involving as many as two additional sightings. I’ll follow up on those as well. [Introduction to this blog]

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3 comments on “Sighting in Southern Montana, Sep 4, 2009

  1. I am excited to see what future testimonies might transpire and what further details come from the eye witness who found you recently. Since the viewing occurred during the early part of the night, I wonder what features the eye witness was able to see, besides the enormity of the creature’s wing span. Also, was the witness a park visitor or a ranger/ park employee? It would be interesting to find out if others who work there frequently have seen anything similar. Keep us posted!

  2. The man said, “It was black . . . it actually looked like maybe it had some
    feathers on the body, but definitely not on the wings which were long and
    narrow and had a point in the middle kinda like a bat . . .”

    That feathers were “definitely not on the wings” leads me to conclude that it was no bird. I believe that what he saw on the body was the hair-like material that is now known to cover the bodies of some pterosaurs, according to fossil evidence.

    This sighting was at night, far from the ideal time to differentiate between hairlike material and feathers. I believe the man saw a ropen or something similar.

  3. I have since had an 18-minute phone conversation with this eyewitness; he has agreed to have his name be used: Jason Ebarb (not the martial arts specialist who lives in Texas). Ebarb lives about forty miles from the Cooney Reservoir (Montana).

    Our talk on the phone strengthened his credibility: unlikely to be a hoax.

    At about 10:00 p.m. the creature was seen diving towards them. (I’ll need to ask more questions to learn more precisely how near the fly-over was to the zenith.) It pulled out of the dive (or the men would probably have run away) but wing-flaps were not constant: two-flaps, glide, two-flaps.

    There are still three additional potential eyewitness who might testify, but one of them is questionable: maybe unwilling to get involved in any investigation.