Pterosaur Sightings Reported in Utah

Sightings of apparent pterosaurs have often been reported in California. We also have reports from Oregon and Arizona and the middle states of America. What about Utah? Consider the following, part of a sighting report:

Sighting in Grantsville, Utah

When I was [a boy of] 14 years old, I lived in Grantsville, UT.

. . . One night, my brother [and my] step-brother . . . and I were sitting on top of a small exercising trampoline that we had dragged to the top tier of the play ground structure [for their apartments]. . . . we stared up at the night sky . . . [My brother] suddenly noticed something and started yelling something about a giant bird . . . At around the same time, the animals in the farm next to us started going berserk. [My step-brother] followed quickly after Dallin . . . yelling [something] similar . . .

Whatever it was they were yelling about was behind a tree from my angle and I certainly was entertaining the idea that they were trying to fool me. So I was slightly reluctant as I began sliding down the slide to see what [it] was about.

As I was reaching the bottom of the slide they both stated that said giant bird had just vanished. “A likely story” I thought. After looking around for a bit, we climbed back up the slide and onto the trampoline at the top of the playground. There were both very amazed at what had happened whilst I was still skeptical. Suddenly as I looked up at the night sky, the farm animals started up again and then I saw it. The ropen.

A beautiful phoenix soaring above me in the night sky and soon after disappearing as if into thin air. I was awestruck. I began to wonder what type of animal this was. But within minutes higher up in the sky I saw it again and appeared soaring above us and then vanished again.

I had a very scientific mind for my age at the time and soon developed a theory that this creature was a bioluminescent and nocturnal bird that would “disappear” using the same effect that happens to our eyes when we are in a bright room and suddenly the lights go out. There is a space of time where we can see nothing. I decided it used this to help it hunt. I did not even hear about ropens until nearly a decade after.


town of Grantsville, Utah, with a car driving away on a street

Grantsville, Utah (photo by Garrett)


Sighting in Provo, Utah; excerpts (mid-2009 encounter)

At about 6 am, on the porch of a trailer in Provo, Utah, a young couple looked up at the sky at what at first looked like a plane.

But then I realized it wasn’t a plane. . . . no noise from it. I thought I could see a rounded, long beak/nose and a giant body. I would maybe compare it to a bat or a pterodactyl, I didn’t see any feathers. It was hard to tell because it was kind of shadowy, I guess, is what I would describe it as. Or blurry, like it was blending in with the sky or surroundings. But it wasn’t invisible, it was just hard to see details. It’s coloring was grayish brown, dark, maybe even black, which I think helped the shadowy, blurry camouflage thing it did. It’s wings looked like a bats wings and it was pretty big, not as big as a plane like I first thought. Maybe the size of a small plane, like one that sprays pesticide on crops, or a little smaller.

. . . The strangest thing about it was how it flew. It looked like it was swimming through the sky, kind of gliding. It undulated through the sky, and I think it was going pretty fast, although the way it seemed to just swim through the sky made it look like it was going slow, leisurely. . . .

Special thanks to the researcher Albert Rosales for this reported sighting in Provo, Utah



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