Women may be Attacked in British Columbia

I recently got some news from Gerald McIsaac, my associate who has been searching for modern pterosaurs in northern British Columbia, Canada, for many years and gathering eyewitness reports. Here is part of what he said:

One of the girls in the village was recently attacked by a pterodactyl. She had a campfire burning in her backyard  and was attacked in the darkness. . . . She called me up, very upset, as people are laughing at her.

She was not physically injured thank God, but her faith in her friends is shaken, as they are laughing at her. I just hope my few words were a comfort. You are so right when you say that the police may think I am crazy, but some of them are taking me very seriously. . . .

In fact, [a different] girl disappeared up north while camping out at a camp ground in northern BC near Vanderhoof. Her family is sick with worry. I cannot imagine the pain they are suffering. She disappeared while setting up her tent at three in the morning. This happened a couple years ago, and I suspect the animal attacked because it smelled the blood. It was very likely that time of the month, just as I suspect the girl who was attacked here in the village was also having her period. I did not ask that question, as it is too personal.

The still surface of Muncho Lake, in northern British Columbia, Canada

Muncho Lake, northern British Columbia, Canada


Japanese Military Attacked by Pterosaurs During World War II

“. . . it was the japs [Japanese miliary] on the island who were attacked by the kor.  They [Japanese soldiers] apparently shot several wounding them then followed them to cves [caves] and blew [blew up] the entrances. They called ships fire on the hills and pounded them for several hours.”

Pterosaur Sighting in British Columbia, Canada, and Other Areas

A lady in British Columbia saw what she thinks was a ropen. . . . The creature was larger than any bird the eyewitness had ever before seen. It had a long tail “with something on the end of it just like the Ropen. Then I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked at the wings . . . like huge bat wings.


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