Pterosaur Sighting in Slidell, Louisiana

On October 10, 2013, I received a phone call from a lady in Slidell, Louisiana. She had seen a flying creature just two hours earlier, a frightening experience, and had received no help from the police or the Wildlife-Fisheries. Two days later, we spoke again by phone, with more time for questions and answers.

She was outside when she heard the strange sound, a loud crow-like call, but when she looked overhead, she was shocked to see something very unlike a crow. The creature was about the size of a normal bird but it was far from normal. It had no feathers but did have small teeth in its beak.

She also saw a long neck and something like long hair or something suggesting that. The flying creature “looked prehistoric.” The lady started wondering if she were hallucinating, but took no chances as she quickly left the area, afraid the creature might bite her.

How often I have received similar reports from eyewitnesses! Featherless flying creatures unlike any bat—those are what people see before they sent me an email or give me a phone call. I seldom give an overall credibility estimate for any particular sighting, yet I am sure of pterosaur non-extinction, having seen so many reports that each appear over 50% likely to have been from an encounter with some species of that type flying creature. At the end of 2012, I had a compilation of 128 such reports, with details about many factors, and each one I esteemed to have been probably from an encounter with a living pterosaur.

Update of November, 2017

Another sighting report has been reported from Southern Louisiana. Ryan Causey has agreed to have his real name be revealed. In 1994, his car broke down on the bridge over central Lake Pontchartrain, late at night. The huge black ropen had a wingspan of at least 15-20 feet and this flying creature had a long tail.


Country setting but in the city of Slidell, Louisiana - two ponds and a house

A lovely front yard in Slidell, Louisiana (generic, not exact sighting location)




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