Recent Pterosaur Sightings Near Griffith Park, Los Angeles

The most recent California pterosaur sighting report that I have received is from a flyover of Interstate-5, on May 13, 2013, just southeast of Griffith Park. It was south of Los Feliz (at the I-5), in Los Angeles, just a mile and a half south of where another eyewitness observed three “dragons” flying over the same freeway, two months earlier. That stretch of highway runs very close to the Los Angeles River channel. I feel that neither of those factors is a coincidence.


satellite map of the eastern side of Griffith Park in Los Angeles

Eastern side of Griffith Park (Silver Lake Reservoir is on lower right)


In the above satellite image, the I-5 runs right next to the Los Angeles River channel, on the east side of Griffith Park. They run about north-south here, with the large hills and golf course of Griffith Park visible clearly. Another freeway runs east-west near the northern boundary of the park, near the top of the photo. By the way, this area is just north of Dodger Stadium (baseball).

Before getting into the more recent sighting (May 13th), consider the three “dragons” observed nearby, on March 3rd.


satellite image of sighting location of three "dragons" just east of Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California, early in 2013

March 3rd sighting location (three “dragons”)


The red arrow, above, shows the direction of flight for the three creatures that the eyewitness called “dragons.”

First Griffith Park Sighting of Early 2013

I name this anonymous lady “CGP.” At about 6:10 a.m., on March 3, 2013, the sky was well lit, although the sun had not quite come up. As CGP was driving north on the I-5, at around the Colorado interchange (just south of State Route 134 freeway), she saw three “dragons” and later reported to me:

“They appeared to be several feet long, with a head:body:tail ratio that was certainly not that of a bird. Their wings were long, angular and pointed and their tails had triangular points. . . . They were flying southeast in a triangular formation.”

I later drew an arrow pointing south (see the satellite map above) because of the following words of CGP:

“All three were flying straight at me, opposite the flow of traffic, along the freeway. I guess they were going slightly more in the direction of Griffith Park than Glendale, but they flew directly over my car (or I drove under them).”


On May 13, 2013, an eyewitness driving north on the I-5 freeway in Los Angeles, California, saw a pterosaur fly overhead, towards Glendale

May 13th sighting location (one “pterosaur”)


Second Griffith Park Sighting of Early 2013

The eyewitness of a “pterosaur” sighting on May 13th has agreed for her name to be revealed: Devin Rhodriquez. The traffic on the northbound I-5 at about 4:00 p.m. was congested, about 30 m.p.h., when Devin saw the creature. She told me (standard capitalization corrections):

“I’m almost positive what I saw fly over the freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind. [It] matches the exact descriptions of a pterosaur except for the tail. I didn’t actually look for a tail [She did not notice its presence or absence]. I was too in shock by the head crest and the wings. I’d love to find out if what I saw could be a pterosaur.”

I realize that some skeptic may object to the lack of observational powers of the eyewitness, regarding a tail of lack thereof. But this kind of imperfection in observation is actually quite common, a natural human tendency to focus on a detail to the blindness of surrounding details. I have received pterosaur sighting reports from other eyewitnesses, reports that make it clear that the person had not memory of the presence or absence of a tail. And psychologists are well aware of this human weakness in vision.

Consider what Devin did notice:

“I did see its head crest and the membranous charcoal gray/teal undertone skin. No feathers, & the wings were pointed and never flapped. It glided through the air with its wings in an arched position.”

Comparing the two Sightings

The creatures were flying in very different directions in these two sightings, and the times of day varied greatly as well: The first was at 6:10 a.m. the second, 4:00 p.m. The two eyewitnesses noticed different details: The first saw long thin tails on three “dragons;” the second, a head crest and a lack of feathers.

What did the flying creatures have in common? The sightings were only a mile and a half apart, separated in time by ten weeks. Both eyewitnesses were driving north on the I-5 freeway, just east of Griffith Park in Los Angeles. All the creatures were soaring or gliding over that freeway.

The color descriptions caught my attention. CGP said, “They appeared light in color—white, gray or light green.” Devin said the “pterosaur” had “membranous charcoal gray/teal undertone skin.” Technically, teal is a medium-dark bluish green, but the different times of day (with very different colors of light from the sky) might be sufficient to connect that darker blue-green with the lighter green, provided we remember that eyewitness perception may cause the same object to be described slightly differently in color. In addition, both eyewitnesses used the word “gray” in their color descriptions. I know that “white” seems too far off when compared with “charcoal,” but we also need to be aware that the two eyewitnesses may not have noticed the exact same parts of the flying creatures’ bodies when they were impressed with color. Overall, the color descriptions neither greatly support nor repudiate the idea that these two sightings involved the same species. With all that said, we may have a case of three light-colored males and one darker colored female.

Both eyewitnesses assured me that they were observing non-birds. CGP said, “a head:body:tail ratio that was certainly not that of a bird.” Devin said, “I’m almost positive what I saw fly over the freeway in Los Angeles WAS NOT a bird of any kind.”

I suggest these four flying creatures are all California Ropens, and that they sometimes fly along the Los Angeles River at night. Many eyewitnesses have noticed them, with various degrees of comprehension but only a tiny fraction of those people have contacted any cryptozoologist.



Dragon Pterosaurs in Southern California

The eyewitness of the “Griffith Park dragons” first thought she was observing three non-living things flying over her car [March 3, 2013 sighting] . . .She assumed it was some kind of stunt, perhaps with kites, for the three “dragons” looked nothing like birds. When she saw the tails move slightly, she realized that they were alive.


nonfiction book by Jonathan Whitcomb: "Searching for Ropens and Finding God" - third edition

Searching for Ropens and Finding God – hundreds of pages of eyewitness sightings

From page 298:

Lord Kelvin once said, “Science is bound, by the everlasting vow of honour, to face fearlessly every problem which can be fairly presented to it.” I suggest we examine the more credible reports of apparent living pterosaurs . . . until a body, alive or recently deceased, is discovered. It’s whatcha do with whatcha got.

Lord Kelvin also said that “when you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meagre and unsatisfactory kind.” Let’s now fly with numbers. [statistics involving many sighting reports]


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  1. Wow! Sounds really interesting. Could you tell me if there have been any recent sightings of Pterosaurs in Northern California? We live in the Sacramento area, and the closest thing I know of is Tahoe Tessie, and its too cold (and creepy) to go searching underwater in Lake Tahoe. I’ve heard of lots of Thunderbird sightings across the Western USA, so I’m just wondering if there are any you know of in NorCal. Thanks!

  2. Hi, Caleb
    Here’s a post on the possibility of pterosaurs flying in Northern California:

    There was a sighting of something in northeast California just this past March, but the creature flew past so fast that it was hard to notice any details. Here is part of the report I received:

    “On a road trip . . . I was driving [through] north eastern California on highway 139 at night and something big, about the 8-9′ across flew in front of my vehicle. It was moving very fast! my passenger also witnessed [it]. . . .”

    I have received eyewitness reports of apparent pterosaurs north of California: Oregon and Washington state. With all the sighting reports in Southern California (and reports in Central CA), that makes it obvious that northern California probably has the same species, although there are fewer humans up there to notice them.

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