Flying Creatures in North Carolina and Virginia

Early this year I received an email from an eyewitness of a pterosaur-like flying creature in North Carolina. (The following is English-corrected from the email-style spelling and grammar.)

I saw what I saw in October 2009, in Charlotte, North Carolina. When [we were] searching the internet for other accounts, I was amazed to see and hear witnesses describing details exactly the way I described them.

It was at night. I was standing outside my car [talking on the phone] when I saw the creature emerge directly over the three-story building I was standing next to. The creature was so close [that] my reflex was to duck.

It looked like what I had seen in a Jurassic Park movie. The only reason I didn’t think dragon was that it didn’t [have] any fire. My instant reaction was to get my cousin, who was in my passenger seat, out [of] the car so I [would not] see it alone. He did, and that [confirms] I’m not crazy. I know what we saw.

Two years ago, I received an email from a lady who was driving in Jacksonville, North Carolina, when she saw a flying creature:

. . . I saw something HUGE above me in the sky.  It looked like a pale greenish white and smooth-skinned. It didn’t appear to have any feathers, and it had the tail with the diamond shape on the end. . . . It was probably . . . 100 ft away.  I just looked up the Rhamphorhynchus and it was definitely similar to what I saw.

Virginia Flying Creature

Earlier this year, I communicated by email with an eyewitness in Virginia, who told me a little about his encounter with an apparent pterosaur:

I live in Hampton, Virginia, and approximately ten years ago I had a sighting of a huge bird here in Hampton, and I do mean “huge”. I was just wondering if the sighting you wrote about was anywhere near my area? The drawings reminded me so much of what I saw, only the bird (?) I saw was much bigger and looked like a pterodactyl.

Update (January 19, 2018) on Apparent Pterosaurs in North Carolina

From the cryptozoologist Jonathan Whitcomb

More reports of what I believe are living pterosaurs have been sent to me from N.C. since late 2012. Consider what the eyewitnesses themselves have to say (here are some brief excerpts from five reports):

My brother and I spotted a Pterodactyl flying maybe 25 feet above tree level in Conover, North Carolina. This hairless, birdlike creature looked exactly like a Pterodactyl. If I had to put a guess on it’s wing span, I’d say 10 ft. [reported to Whitcomb on January 12, 2018]

I just wanted to contact you to let you know, me and two of my friends saw one at different times in NC, Durham [email sent to Whitcomb on December 8, 2017, although one sighting was in 1993]

Subject: Durham sighting around 2003 . . . While I am unable to verify what I saw as an actual pterosaur, I don’t
see any other way to explain it . . . [wingspan] estimate . . . 17-23 feet [emails sent in January of 2018]

I was driving in eastern Guilford County, NC. Stopped at an intersection . . . I just caught a glimpse of the big dark mass and what appeared to be a long, dangling tail. [email sent to Whitcomb on December 24, 2017]

I saw one at Murray’s Mill in NC. I was walking with my sister . . . I stopped telling people about it because they think I’m crazy. [email sent on January 16, 2018]



More Virginia Pterosaur Sightings

“I know what it was. It wasn’t a heron; it wasn’t a vulture; it wasn’t an albatross. I had spent countless hours as a child studying dinosaurs and playing with dinosaur models. I know what I saw.”

Flying Creature in North Carolina

She told me of an experience she had while driving on a major highway near Asheville, NC when a HUGE winged black creature flew very low over her car. [her friend mentioned “flying dinosaurs” still surviving]

Flying Creature Identification

I have over a hundred sighting reports compiled in a data base that includes many details (wingspan estimate, surety of featherlessness, location of sighting, time of day, presence or absence of tail, etc); [The skeptic gives not even one detail and not even one sighting report] it is still expanding, now with year-2012 reports being entered. Let’s consider the skeptic’s remark about ducks . . .



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