cover of ebook - Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea - ver-25

Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea

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Last May, I predicted that my third book would be published “within a few weeks.” Publication is getting closer, but the index still needs to be created and linked, which may take at least a few days. Here is the cover of the ebook Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea:

[Update: It went on sale on Amazon on Sep 11, 2012 (click on the image below)]

[Update #2: It is not offered as a FREE and easy download (as of Aug 24, 2014]:

cover of ebook - Live Pterosaurs in Australia and in Papua New Guinea - ver-25

Here is an excerpt from the third chapter, “The Bougainville Creature”

“I can’t remember why our vehicle had stopped. Maybe we had to wait for another vehicle to pass us. I don’t know. But I can still hear that slow flapping sound in the stillness of an early tropical morn, on the road from Panguna down to Loloho on Bougainville Island in 1971.

“When I looked up . . . I saw a very unusual creature. Firstly, it was very big (wingspan at least 2 metres, probably more . . . possibly much, much more). I can’t remember the exact distance estimate that this creature was from me . . . It was black or dark brown. I had never seen anything like it before. It certainly looked prehistoric, in that it did not look like any other bird that I have seen before or since.

From the last chapter of the nonfiction digital book:

What dictionary defines “pterosaur” without the word “extinct?” There lies the first problem, in Western society, for Australians and Americans are raised from young childhood to believe in the extinction of all species of pterosaurs and dinosaurs, without compromise, and what is the explanation? “Science.”

But another problem has blocked our progress towards the official discovery of modern living pterosaurs. Understanding cultural differences helps us clear away the landslide on the road to this discovery. A major boulder in that landslide is an unwritten Western dogma related to scientific superiority, the assumption that civilized people are less superstitious, more objective.


Ropen Close to Bunsil Station, Umboi Island

. . . I received an email from a young man from Tarawe Village, Umboi Island. He was a student at the time: business accounting at the University of Technology in Lae City. He did not get a photograph of the ropen, but he had a wonderful sighting . . .

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