More Virginia Pterosaur Sightings

I just received another email regarding a pterosaur sighting in Virginia. The eyewitness was traveling from Texas to Vermont. I hope to get more details soon.

Camping Trip in Chesapeake Area

In the third edition of my nonfiction book Live Pterosaurs in America, an encounter in the Chesapeake area, near the border between Maryland and Virginia, may relate to other sighting reports that I have received from Virginia:

“I was twenty years old, taking a camping trip with my boss and his friends, and I believe it was near the Maryland-Virginia line in the Chesapeake area. We were tubing [inner-tube] in the river, some time in the morning or early afternoon.

“My boss and I suddenly saw, parallel with the water, quite a distance away, a flying object . . . we knew it was quite far away, but it was as big as a regular bird would appear up close. It was gliding, with an occasional slow, smooth flap. . . . It flew directly over us, about twenty yards above us, and as I turned my inner tube along its path, it perched on a tree about fifty yards past us.

“I know what it was. It wasn’t a heron; it wasn’t a vulture; it wasn’t an albatross. I had spent countless hours as a child studying dinosaurs and playing with dinosaur models. I know what I saw.”

photo of Chesapeake area of Eastern USA - photo by shell game

Pterosaurs Near Water

I have noticed that some sightings of apparent pterosaurs are on or near water. Driving a car may be the most common human activity during a sighting, but water activities, including fishing and boating, keep coming up in the reports. I quote again from my book:

“I was walking to the small river [near Woodward, Oklahoma] where I usually caught carp fish. . . . a large animal took off into the air. At first I thought it was an eagle. . . . it was a dinosaur. I went to my knees so that it would not see me. I was afraid it would eat me. I stared at the back part of the head because it was exactly like the ones depicted in books. . . . had a long neck and wide wings just like in the movies or in books. It had no feathers . . .”

Live Pterosaur Sightings in Virginia

The most obvious feature was the diamond or spade tipped tail, I have not found any creature that compares.

Thunderbird of Crytozoology

If the thunderbird were the giant extinct teratorn Argentavis, this is how it would compare in size with a human [with illustration]