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Ohio Pterosaur Sightings

A living pterosaur in Ohio, not millions of years ago but in the twentieth century—that should be in the news. But a number of eyewitnesses have reported apparent live pterosaurs in Ohio, regardless of the apparent lack of newspaper headlines. Probably unknown to many news media reporters and editors, sighting in neighboring states may be of the same species or at least are related to what was seen in Middletown, Ohio, years ago. (Middletown is about thirty miles north of Cinncinati.) “Pterodactyls” have also been reported in Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Middletown, Ohio, Pterosaur Sighting

This is a second-hand report given to the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization. The sighting of the flying creature (bird, bat, pterodactyl, or by whatever label it received by the eyewitnesses) was at night.

Him and a bunch of guys about 17 years old were looking around an old barn one night and they saw a large, featherless bird. He said it was standing like a bird would but was about 6 feet four inches tall. Its skin appeared like leather. This occurred sometime in the early 1990’s. This was at that time an undeveloped area. Just a farm area. . . . as they entered the barn the [flying creature that was referred to as a “bird”] turned to look at them [moving only its head]. They ran out . . .

Sightings in Antwerp, Ohio

The following pterosaur sightings were published, in brief, in the August 5, 2009, issue of the Antwerp Bee-Argus weekly newspaper of Ohio.

. . . an account of two sightings over the Maumee River, Ohio: 2002 and 2003, both in the daylight heat of summer. (More detailed information is in my book Live Pterosaurs in America, published two weeks before the newspaper article.)


Cover of third edition of Live Pterosaurs in America - with sketches 4-A

Third edition of this nonfiction cryptozoology book on living pterosaurs

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5 comments on “Ohio Pterosaur Sightings

  1. Do stories of these creatures go back to precolonial times. Do they contain information that whould be known to the general public but to specialist in this subject. Do the old stories discribe this features that only recently come to light in the ongoing study of Ptersaurs.

    • These are good questions, Marcos. I myself have wondered about that. I suppose the person to ask is someone who has a great deal of experience reading old Americans documents and books, a person who also has a good memory. Does anybody have any suggestions?

  2. david reason on said:

    John Keel’s Complete Guide to Mysterious Beings has a chapter on Ptero-thingies.
    I can’t find my copy at the moment but I remember he mentions Native American sightings from pre colonial times. Also sightings in Africa and many other countries.

  3. HI. I live in rural Canada, about 26 years ago, I was driving on a lovely summer’s day when what I took to be a small plane came from behind, flying very low, and forced me in fright into the ditch .It wasn’t a plane but a very large weird looking ‘bird’, which continued into a gravel pit. I was too unnerved to investigate, and no one believed me. I was talking to some friends about it, when one of them said they were going to school, about 10 years before and they saw a huge birdlike creature, run very fast across the road and disappear in the brush. This brought yet another tale from another friend, who said he had been in the school yard early one morning when A huge bird swooped down and sat in the yard. He is a 6ft 4 and has always been tall for his age and he said the bird was as tall as he was. Bout 5ft or so. Apparently the teacher called the children into the school and no more was seen of the bird.

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