Third Edition of Live Pterosaurs in America

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The third edition of my nonfiction cryptozoology book Live Pterosaurs in America is undergoing final editing on the cover and the interior. Perhaps the most notable improvement is the addition of details on the 1965 sighting by Patty Carson: the “Gitmo pterosaur” in Cuba. Previous editions had nothing about this sighting at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Her sighting corroborates the 1971 pterosaur encounter Eskin Kuhn experienced in 1971, on that same base.

Carson’s 1965 Pterosaur Sighting

A few months after the publication of the second edition of this book, I began interviewing Patty Carson, by email and telephone. Her sighting (around 1965) makes Kuhn’s 1971 encounter even more credible. . . .

“I was watching Monster Quest . . . it triggered my memory of [my] sighting of the pterodactyl . . . I googled ‘Pterodactyl in Cuba’ . . . if that guy’s drawing didn’t come up on the first page, and the word Guantanamo!!! No kidding! I searched around some until I found your link and emailed you. . . .

“I was only a child when I saw it . . . We lived at the end of the road, last house, by the radio tower. We were walking from the boat yards toward home, but still closer to the boat yards, to where it was sandy underfoot, sparse scrub vegetation around four feet tall . . .

“ . . . Suddenly it sat up, as if it had been eating something or resting. The head and upper part of its body, about a third of the wings at the joint (tips still held down) showed. . . . All of us froze for about five seconds, then it leaned to its left and took off with a fwap fwap fwap sound, in a big hurry, more of a scramble, and flew to its left and disappeared behind trees and terrain.”

From the Title Page of Cryptozoology Book

How are sightings in the United States related to those in the southwest Pacific? How do some apparent nocturnal pterosaurs pertain to bats, and how are bats irrelevant? How could modern living pterosaurs have escaped scientific notice? These mysteries have slept in the dark, beyond the knowledge of almost all Americans, even beyond our wildest dreams (although the reality of some pterosaurs is a living nightmare to some bats). These mysteries have slept . . . until now.

Third edition of "Live Pterosaurs in America"

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