Preliminary Sketch of Gitmo Pterosaur

Patty Carson just gave me permission to publish this preliminary sketch of what I call the “Gitmo Pterosaur.” Her 1965 sighting, like Eskin Kuhn’s 1971 sighting, was at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. She will be making corrections and refinements, some of which are explained below.

preliminary sketch by Patty Carson, of the pterosaur she saw in Cuba in 1965

  1. Head crest does not actually twist as depicted. This just shows the structure that would be visible at another angle. Patty Carson wrote to me, “The end is sort of twisted at an angled to show you that the end was rounded with a kind of concave surface at the end. At the time of the sighting, I was not able to see that until he was flying away.”
  2. The nose was not tipped at exactly this angle (needs correcting).
  3. “His left wing is sticking out of his chest instead of the shoulder.”
  4. “I need to tighten up the angle of the humerus/radius V . . .”
  5. “The teeth are too small” [improved sketch will show larger teeth]
  6. “His ear hole doesn’t show” [ear hole needs to be added]
  7. “His eyes are ended up too dark. They were more or less the same reddish brown color as his skin.”
  8. “His gullet is too far to the left.”
  9. “The wrinkles under his throat don’t show up well enough.”
  10. “I need to do a better job of wing placing and angles.”

This eyewitness sketch of the “Gitmo Pterosaur” suggests it may be related to the flying creatures seen in the summer of 2008, in Georgia.

Two flying creatures were seen within a period of less than two weeks; one was larger than the other, but they were in the same general area. . . . From the drawings the lady sent to me, I am calling this apparent pterosaur “Hammerhead Ropen.”

The head appendage is somewhat similar to that of the creatures seen by Hodgkinson and Hennessy; but the beak and the appendage seem more like one continuous head-structure. The head-appendage has a somewhat curved shape. Both beak and head-appendage are more blunt than is in the sketches of the Hodgkinson-Hennessy creatures.

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