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More Insight on Gitmo Pterosaur

Recently, Eskin Kuhn has provided us with more detail about the long tail of the two pterosaurs he saw at the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba. (I now call this cryptid the “Gitmo Pterosaur.”) He describes the end of the long tail: “long strands of hair in a tuft . . . a brush, not flesh covered as the rest [of the creature].” This reminds me of the description of the pterosaur seen by a boy in Sudan, for that boy mentioned being reminded of the tail of a lion.

Kuhn also said, “That detail has become muted by the many copies of the drawing, the original newsprint type coarse paper and pencil.” In other words, the original sketch better showed a hairy appearance of the ends of the tails. That certainly counters the objection of a few critics who declare that eyewitnesses of apparent pterosaurs do not see anything like fur or hair so those sightings cannot be valid.

In addition, he has also recently said, “The fleshy hide would probably be more akin to a bat’s than any other creature.” That statement also discredits the objection of some critics who imply that any modern pterosaur should be covered with fur that would be obviously seen as fur by any eyewitness. It reminds me of the testimony of the scientist in Perth, Australia, who carefully observed a giant flying creature with a long tail and a texture that could have been something like fine fur (he was just too far away to tell for sure about fur).

In a recent letter to me, Kuhn also said the following.

On my way home . . . this morning I turned the corner at the base of my property . . . and saw a relatively familiar sight . . . a Great Blue Heron in flight. . . . The Heron in flight would make many a person wishing to see a pterosaur think they had. It’s great wings, short body, long heavy beak and crooked neck, prow-like chest and very long legs trailing behind with curved toes resembling a tail . . . it puts you in mind of such creatures as pterosaurs . . . unless you have actually seen pterosaurs. Then the differences are dramatic.

That dismisses any potential suggestion that Kuhn saw two herons in flight.

The following old photo shows Kuhn at Gitmo, Cuba, probably in 1971.

Eskin Kuhn at Guantanamo


Cryptozoology Book (Live Pterosaurs in America)

Southeast of Fresno, several  eyewitnesses reported two featherless flying creatures with wingspans of fifteen feet. Reportedly reputable residents around Reedley described the two “dragons” for the newspaper.

Non-fiction cryptozoology book "Live Pterosaurs in America" - third edition - back cover

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