Sighting in Southern California, Sep 21, 2009

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I interviewed the two eyewitnesses separately, by phone, on Sep 23rd (soon after their sighting). Both of them told me that the creature they saw flying about 300 feet above them, at about 10:30 p.m. in the San Fernando Valley, was too big to be a bird. (They had been walking their dog as usual; they had never seen anything like that before, nor had either of them known anything about living-pterosaur investigations.) Less than two weeks earlier, I had spoken with a man who had seen something that may have been similar; it was also in the Los Angeles area, but flying further away from that eyewitness, preventing detailed observations. The date of that sighting, however, and lack of detail about location, make it somewhat unlikely to have been the same individual creature as that seen by the couple.

I found the two eyewitnesses of the Sep 21st sighting quite credible in the substance of their descriptions and manner of speech. To help prevent assisting any potential future hoax, I am withholding most details from publication, for the moment. I would like to find at least one more eyewitness of this particular creature. It was seen near the intersection of Burband Blvd and Woodman, near the border between the cities of Van Nuys and Sherman Oaks. It was flying either east or southeast, either towards North Hollywood or the foothills just south of Studio City (or inbetween).

Should anyone feel any desire to help with this investigation, please contact me:  whitcomb-<at-sign>

Thank you.

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