Gomlongon Village

on Umboi Island

(near the home of the ropen pterodactyl)

Gomlongon is a village of a

few hundred people and

maybe half a dozen clans.

In general, these villagers

are very friendly and open

to visitors. Politics here is

not as simple as their life

style appears. It is better

to have a mutual friend or

other contact introduce

you if you choose to visit.


Not all villages are safe to

visit uninvited, perhaps. It

is never appropriate to just

go out and explore in any

forest without permission.

With proper local guides

and polite, friendly manner,

positive results are more

than likely.


Some visitors have looked

for the strange ropen that

lives on this island. It flies

around at night with a glow

that is said to be bright.

What about the ropen? Some Americans say it is a giant pterodactyl.


One old man who lives in

Opai Village (very close to

Gomlongon) saw the ropen

long ago. It came at night

and took a body right out

of a grave. The next day,

when the sun came up, the

people looked at the grave

and saw no body in it.


The mountain where the

ropen sometimes lives is

called Bel.

This is Bel, the mountain where the ropen

creature is said to stay sometimes.

This is the old man who saw the ropen came

to a grave and steal the body of a man.

The ropen sometimes eats the dead.

These are the friends and family of Mark

and Delilah Kau. They live near Gomlongon.

The children of Gomlongon Village are

friendly and curious to see visitors.

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