Creation Research Society Quarterly
Publishes Scientific Paper on Living
Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea

The Creation Research Society has just published what I believe is the first scientific paper exclusively about the possibility of modern living pterosaurs. Volume 45, Number 3, of the Quarterly (CRSQ, Winter, 2009) features the peer-reviewed article by Jonathan D. Whitcomb on page 200.
Here is part of the Abstract (without links):
". . . Investigations of reports of creatures whose descriptions suggest Rhamphorhynchoid pterosaurs in remote areas of Papua New Guinea were carried out between 1994 and 2007. Two expeditions to Umboi Island in 2004 resulted in formal interviews with villagers, and an expedition deep into the interior of the mainland in 2006 resulted in indirect video evidence and a sighting by two native explorers. Although no direct proof has been presented, the indirect evidence is substantial and intriguing."
The names of researchers and explorers listed in the paper include Carl Baugh, Jim Blume, Josh Gates, Garth Guessman, Jacob Kepas, Paul Nation, Jonathan Whitcomb, and David Woetzel.
The names of eyewitnesses include Mesa Augustin, Cottingham, William Gima, Brian Hennessy, Duane Hodgkinson, Jonah Jim, Mark Kau, Jacob Kepas, Gideon Koro, Wesley Koro, David Moke, Paul Nation, Jonathan Ragu, and David Woetzel.
This peer-reviewed scientific paper--"Reports of Living Pterosaurs in the
Southwest Pacific"--can be viewed online but only for members of the Creation Research Society. The membership fee is reasonable.
See the Antwerp Bee-Argus newspaper article on a pterosaur sighting.

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